Mission Statement

We believe that the business of running a business is stressful enough without the complications of invoicing, paying bills, collections, correspondence, estimated tax payments and inventory management. Our tax clients should be able to file their taxes accurately, completely and as conveniently as possible. To this end we resolve to:

  • Make honest, confidential and ethical behavior our first priorities
  • Meet with our business clients to:
    • determine all their needs and provide needed services in a timely manner,
    • seek out ways to eliminate unnecessary costs and expenses to improve our client’s profitability
    • generate reports that help our clients determine whether or not course corrections are needed before small problems become big ones.
  • Provide our tax clients superior service by:
    • Staying on top of tax law changes to determine their impact on our clients
    • Exceed continuing education requirements of the IRS
    • Seek out all allowable means to reduce our client’s tax obligations
    • Meet our clients when they need us and where they need us
    • Maintain a mobile office that allows us to complete the filing process and return documents as taxes are prepared.


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